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John is extremely knowledgeable; in my opinion, he's one of the best minds in the business when it comes to navigating the complex world of music publishing and sync.



Our network grew up more in a few months than a in few years thanks to his contacts and his strong experience in the music industry.



He’s more than just a consultant, really more of a pocket CEO who guides and advises you through every aspect of the game.


Introducing True Road Music:
Navigating Your Journey in Production Music
Within the dynamic sphere of Production Music, True Road Music has rapidly established itself as a trustworthy and expert partner. Our consultancy services encompass a wide spectrum, that caters to established industry leaders, emerging ventures, and skilled artists/composers alike. Navigating the intricate and multifaceted terrain of business strategy, sales & marketing, music production, rights, licensing, and distribution channels can prove to be a formidable journey.

Guided by the seasoned leadership of industry-renowned “dot joiner” John Clifford, our diverse array of offerings is your compass on the True Road to success. We stand committed to leading clients through the pivotal intricacies of the industry.


Licensing Expertise:
Unravel the complexities of music licensing with confidence. We are well-versed in the intricacies of rights and licensing, enabling you to navigate the legal landscape seamlessly.
Global Expansion Simplified:
Break boundaries with our foreign distribution strategies. True Road Music helps you take your music to global audiences, expanding your reach like never before.
Prepare for Tomorrow, Today:
Thinking ahead? Position your business for potential acquisitions with our expert guidance. From valuations to strategic implementations, we ensure you're primed for success.
Elevating Artists,
Empowering Labels:
True Road Music extends its guidance to Production Music artists, composers, and labels. We identify the perfect distribution channels that align with your music, magnifying your impact.
Founder & Managing Director
With an illustrious international career in Production Music spanning three decades, John Clifford has traversed roles ranging from sales to global Managing Director, amassing hands-on experience across every facet of the industry. Notably, he served as EVP & Global Managing Director at BMG Production Music, and earlier, led the businesses of Universal Production Music in both the UK and Australia where he embarked on his journey. As a dual citizen of Australia and Great Britain, John currently divides his time between London and Sydney, dedicating his 30 years of expertise to clients of True Road Music, providing specialized consultancy services that illuminate the path to success.
Production Music Association
John serves on the board of the Production Music Association, a prominent advocate and voice for the global production music community. Collaborating closely with its members, they are committed to advancing the distinctive value of production music and collectively shaping a brighter future for the industry.
Embark on Your Exploration
Whether you're seeking strategic support, operational expertise, or creative solutions, True Road Music is here to bridge the gap. From brief consultations to more extensive projects, we're prepared to help you uncover your Production Music north star and lead you towards success. Your journey starts here - schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to explore the possibilities together!
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Throughout our longstanding partnership, John has consistently proven himself as a trusted ally and supporter of APM. With the inception of True Road, his experience as a dot joiner shines through his industry acumen and the large network of friends and colleagues he has built up through his years in the production music industry.

Adam Taylor
President / CEO, APM Music

John is one of the most experienced and respected executives in the production music industry, and we are grateful that he has been helping us grow our business over the past several years. We appreciate his direct, open and no BS communication style, which is especially powerful combined with his breadth of knowledge of all things production music business. 

Martin Nedvēd
Co-Founder, Studio Fontana

John is an icon in the production music business and someone who offers a breadth of knowledge and global experience that is unrivalled in this business. It is always a great pleasure working with John and True Road

Ron Mendelsohn
CEO, Megatrax Production Music

Ive worked for and with John for over a decade across majors, independents and as a consultant. In all guises he’s been the same professional, forthright and helpful team player to both small and large publishers.

Angus Hayes
Managing Director, Harvest Media

I’ve worked with John and True Road almost from the start of 7Style. His input, suggestions and contributions have been invaluable and it’s allowed us to scale up to being sub-published in over 80 territories in such a small space of time.

Simon Prentice
Founder / CEO, 7Style Music

Quite honestly, I would like to gate-keep John so that there are fewer competitors out there. His ability to deliver impressive results in a short amount of time is nothing short of impressive. And he’s a gem of a human being

Kristina Tevoradze
Co-Founder, Shadow tracks

Each time I speak with John I’m energized and thinking in new ways. John's passion, credentials and understanding of all levels of this business are so rare and we are extremely grateful to get to work with him here at Kingdom 2.

CEO, Kingdom 2 Music

John is extremely knowledgeable; in my opinion, he's one of the best minds in the business when it comes to navigating the complex world of music publishing and sync. It's rare to find someone with John's expertise and experience in such a niche area available to help you navigate your projects and business expansion.

Ryan Broadhurst
Founder / CEO, So Effective

With his unparalleled expertise, strategic insights, and visionary guidance, John orchestrated a campaign to get DAB represented in 65 countries and territories at the point of launch, transforming my dream into a reality.

Ed Scott
CEO, Dodged A Bullet

Collaborating with John has been a strategic move that has yielded great outcomes. His profound expertise, determination, and genuine enthusiasm have been pivotal in propelling LPM to the next level. Right from the beginning of our partnership, John's work turned into tangible results. We look forward to continuing our relationship with John.

Rob Wills
Owner, Loaded Production Music

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with John through our company’s expansion internationally. He’s more than just a consultant, really more of a pocket CEO who guides and advises you through every aspect of the game, tailoring his expertise to your unique situation. Throughout the process John’s brought top notch professionalism, cutting edge strategies and an easy going collaborative atmosphere to our team’s operations.

Stefan Sigerson
CEO, Thorvald Records

With the help of True Road & John Clifford's guidance we are now distributing our music to nearly the entire planet. We have made great new publisher friends in so many countries and in a short time are already starting to see music placements! As a 30 year veteran of the music business it's rare to see such amazing follow thru, honesty and verve! Thanks True Road and John we appreciate you!!

Devin Powers
CEO, Powers Music Group

John has been an indispensable and invaluable asset to our company as we grow and expand our business.  His knowledge of the production music world and keen advice has helped guide us in the right direction to ensure that we achieve our goals.  He is a trusted partner.

Billy Jay Stein
Co-Founder, Strike Audio

Working with John is a blessing. Our network grew up more in a few months than a in few years thanks to his contacts and his strong experience in the music industry. He is efficient, available and he always got your back! He is a solid partner that everyone would like to have around.

Florent Chebbah
Co-owner, Avalon Zero


Whether you require strategic direction, operational expertise, or inventive solutions,
True Road Music stands as your pathway to success.


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